Social media provides a wealth of opportunities for businesses looking to generate leads, build customer loyalty and drive sales. But as the landscape evolves the learning curve becomes increasingly steep, and staying up-to-date with the latest trends and top platforms can become overwhelming.

At Identity we offer both social media management, (setup and design, content planning, posting, customer support, reporting and analytics) and social media marketing (growing large audiences and promoting content using cost per click, plus lead generation, re-targeting and campaign strategy) as a single core service, as both depend wholly on the other for success. Brands can no longer rely on organic reach and word-of-mouth. Implementing a social media marketing cost per click strategy more than levels the playing field – it gives you a distinct competitive advantage.

At Identity we offer full service social media management for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat, and social media marketing services for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (with Snapchat soon to come).

If you’re already active on social media and wish to continue to manage and update your own content, we can outline a standalone social media marketing strategy to maximise your return.

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