Identity are experts at the implementation and management of digital marketing campaigns for our clients. We will work with you to determine your objectives, KPIs and budgets, and then deliver the strategy that will make that happen.

There are essentially four different types of digital marketing campaign:

  1. Mass awareness

This could be the launch of a new brand, the launch of a new product, or service or an important sale or promotion. Essentially it’s anything that would benefit from reaching as many targeted people as possible.

  1. Growth

Considerable value can be attained by growing your online presence, and this includes the size of your audiences on social media platforms, engagement, traffic to your website and more. New customers will often look to the size of your digital metrics as an indication of your stature, and this “social proof” can be tremendously important in building trust and authority.

  1. Leads

All businesses benefit from a consistent supply of leads and this is one area where digital marketing is very effective. Strategies can be actioned across a number of different platforms and devices, using the latest technologies and landing pages to boost conversion rates.

  1. Sales

While there is value in using digital marketing to boost and grow a number of different measureable metrics, ultimately it will all come down to how it impacts the bottom line. Identity’s team will work with you to implement campaigns to drive direct sales from your website using an objective-based campaign approach: essentially,

We recommend no more than four to six different campaigns per year, allowing enough “breathing time” between to allow for sufficient analysis and reflection. This gap between campaigns is essential – what can we learn from the last campaign that might be instrumental in increasing the level of success of the next?


The key elements of a successful campaign are:

  1. Planning

You must allow sufficient time to plan ahead of all aspects of the campaign in advance. Depending on the size and duration of the campaign this can be anything from one month to a year. Our team will work alongside yours to plan, create and schedule all content, including copy, visual assets, advertising creative and more.

  1. Purpose & Objectives

What is the purpose the campaign? How will you measure success? At Identity we will work with you to identify and agree on all KPIs for your campaign and ensure that your objectives and goals are met.

  1. Who Is The Target Audience?

Are you looking to reach a new audience or to reward existing customers? Will you be delivering different creative (or even incentives) to different audiences, and will your campaign be country-wide (or international) or aimed at a very specific area? Which groups fundamentally fall outside of your ideal targeting?

  1. How Will You Measure Return On Investment (ROI)?

The KPIs that were identified above, alongside analytics, engagement, website traffic, leads and sales, will be utilised to measure the ROI of each campaign that Identity manages for you.

  1. What’s Your Budget?

This is a critical part of all campaigns: just how much do you have to invest in the campaign to deliver on your objectives? Your budget should be compromised of two parts: the management fee for running the campaign, and the media spend (cost per click) that will support the campaign. The cost of campaigns can vary dramatically depending on how many people you want to reach, what the end goal is and how long the campaign will last, but very effective campaigns can often be delivered with relatively modest budgets. Conversely, sometimes spending just a little bit more can significantly boost the overall return on investment.


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